Southland Season 4 Episode 9 – Risk Recap

Looks like Lydia is taking a risk by looking into what seems to be an abandon home. This is one of the shortest foreshadows, so we’ll just go back 8 hours.

I’m starting to dig this Ruben character as Lydia‘s new partner. He has his funny moments. We find him and Lydia on a scene of yet another homicide. This one could be a rival turf war as some cholo dude was shot by a wall filled graffiti and the markings of “KBD”. The detectives have never heard of KBD, so it seems as though there is a new gang in LA.

Tang is still going through the repercussions of shooting the unarmed kid two episodes ago. While she is on patrol with Cooper, Cooper spots an asshole driver who litters. Cooper cites the guy for his driving violations and throwing his biodegradable banana peel out of the window. Tang believes that this siting is excessive. It’s ironic because two episodes Tang was giving a dude a ticket because he was waiting for his crippled wife to get out of an Autozone.

Lydia and Ruben take a drive over to the victim’s (Tony) mother house and ends up crashing a family kickback. If you look closely you’ll see one black guy in the back. Lydia and Ruben ask the mother about KBD since they have no information, but Ms. Salazar is reluctant. Lydia tries to sympathize with her by saying that they put whoever shot her son behind bars, but she wants more than a prison sentence. She wants retribution. When walking back to their car, Tony’s sister walks up to them and tells them that the meaning of KBD was Krazy But Deadly and the person who probably killed Tony goes by the name of Reyes. She also tells them not to come back.

After a conversation about style tips for the new divorcee Sammy, Ben and Sammy meet up with the prostitute that belong to the pimp Ben put a hurting on. Amber was still hurt from argument, but still managed to get back on the streets. Now that’s a dedicated worker. At the end of their conversation, Amber asks Ben for 40 bucks because she says that he owes her.

Tang and Cooper roll up on a dude in a Porsche trying to score some drugs. He claims that his car broke down and AAA is on their way, but Tang and Coop are veterans. While they are telling him to get back in his car and leave, Cooper gets a phone call that the boy Tang shot is breathing. They are summoned back to the station.

While waiting in line for lunch, Sammy tells Ben that shouldn’t be counseling hookers and beating up pimps. He shouldn’t be emotionally attached to the hoes he sees walking the streets. At this time a battery is called in and they decide to ditch lunch for now and take it.

The battery call was from a guy who claimed some kid up the hill hit him with a skateboard. He was telling the truth as a couple of guys were flying down the hill on their boards. the duo went after one of them and told him to pull over. The guy on the board said he couldn’t because his board doesn’t have brakes. They eventually get him, but we don’t know how. We just see them in the station, booking him. While they are walking, a social worker tells Ben that Amber’s daughter, Daniela, is out of the group home before they can put her in foster care.

Cops find some taggers are found tagging KBD and are detained until Ruben and Lydia roll up. One of the taggers happens to be Reyes. Lydia asks a simple question to Reyes; Who was the killer of Tony? Reyes says he doesn’t know anything so he and all of his friends were going to go to jail until someone says something.

It seems as though Cooper and Tang get the craziest calls. They are on a domestic dispute call in a beautiful house where a couple was having a kinky sex and the boyfriend decided to choke her really hard. The boyfriend thought she liked it because he didn’t hear the safety word, but he was choking her to hard enough to say anything. I must mention that the girlfriend was wearing a thong and a see through wife tank top. Kind of wish you were watching the episode and not reading these words, huh? Anyhow, Cooper comes to an agreement in which the roles are reverse. They go back to having sex, but the chick is allowed to choke him as hard as she wants.

Lydia and Ruben find no traces of gun residue from Reyes or his companion Puppet. Since Puppet seems like the softer one out of the two, they take him for questioning and leave Reyes their to ponder. Lydia actually offers Puppet a burger, and Puppet says yes to the offer.

Ben and Sammy get a call from a coffee shop in which a camera was placed in the woman’s restroom and records women using the restroom. Turns out the person who planted the camera is making a profitable business out of sitting in the corner with a lap top and watching traffic come to his site for girl’s pissing. The shop owner is outraged.

Amber meets up with Ben and Sammy at the police station. Ben wants to know where Daniela is. Amber lies and says she’s in foster care, but of course Ben knows better. She then tells him that Daniela’s at school. Amber is pretty worried about herself and what Ronny (her pimp) would do if he sees Daniela. Ben offers a one-way ticket to Texas for Amber’s daughter. Amber is still hysterical, but Ben decides to walk away. Sammy believes he should have walked away right from the beginning.

Lydia and Puppet hit up a burger spot and Lydia orders Puppet a kid’s meal. Puppet is jazzed about the toy. He doesn’t seem so gangster anymore. Lydia wants to talk about who killed Tony, but Puppet says he isn’t a snitch. Lydia then writes that she will not arrest him or anyone in KBD crew for the murder of Tony. Like an idiot, he believes her and tells her that Lil’ Thumper killed him. He also tells her where the murder weapon is and where they hangout (in an abandon house). Ruben proceeds to arrest him because Lydia said that she wouldn’t. I guess she kept her word.

Cooper and Tang were summoned to the police station for questioning about Tang shooting that kid in the backyard two episodes ago. The interrogator says that the boy said that he had an orange safety tip on the gun because him mom told him that if he didn’t, it would be taken away from him. Cooper reiterates that he didn’t see an orange safety tip on the toy gun. Same question was asked to Tang and Tang replied with the same answer. She says that she didn’t even realize it was a toy gun until she had it in her hand.

We are back to the foreshadow and Lydia’s risk. While she tries to jar the door of the abandon house open, a runner tries to escape from the front of the house. The cops, including Ruben, go after him, leaving Lydia alone. When she finally gets through the door, she is blindsided by a man who punches her in the face. They scuffle for a bit until the guy finds her flashlight and starts puncturing her in the stomach. He then tries to choke her out, but it’s Ruben to the rescue. As soon as all the action has ended, Lydia finally tells Ruben she’s pregnant and wants to get a ride to her doctor’s appointment.

Even off duty, Dewey is a trip. Short story even shorter, Dewey’s favorite sushi chef gets into a fight with another guy because he doesn’t pay when he loses bets. Ben and Sammy are called in because Dewey is off duty, yet Dewey is the one who fixes the problem and gets some rainbow rolls out of it.

Lydia shows up 2 hours late for her doctor’s appointment, but they take her in anyway. One of the women in the waiting room realize that Lydia is bleeding. The nurse is pretty excited because Lydia gets to know the gender today, but Lydia doesn’t see so enthused when she finds out that her stomach is bleeding.

Tang and Cooper get another strange call. A drunk middle-aged little guy was taking practice shots at antiques while wearing a golf ball costume. It was easy to subdue him. While this was happening, Tang got a call from the sergeant.

While Sammy and Ben are driving, Ronny comes out of no where in his black Escalade and starts blasting on Sammy and Ben. Ben and Sammy are able to get away from Ronny and his gunfire, but an unsuspecting SUV rams into the patrol car as they are stopped in the middle of an intersection. Ben calls in the ambulance. It doesn’t look like Sammy is going to make it.

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