Kate Upton Pictures for Beach Bunny Campaigns

Bride Bikini Collection

It’s crazy that people are still asking, who is Kate Upton? Well… let the Kate Upton domination commence. After seeing her on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Kate looks to take over modeling with her unconventional, but very loveable body. I can see her taking over the swimsuit genre from the start. She already did so in one of the most decorated displays of swimsuits. In these Kate Upton pictures, the blonde bombshell links up with Beach Bunny to promote the new Bride Bikini collection. As you would expect, the collection features Kate in all white. She’s remarkable, just like how a bride is supposed to be.

Denim Collection

I guess it isn’t all about swimwear when it comes to Beach Bunny, or Kate Upton. Kate gets dressed up in some casual wear to show off Beach Bunny’s denim collection. Here she wears items such as laced blouses, denim shorts and skirts. If you can tell, there’s three photos that are completely the same. The only thing that changes is the color of the skirt. Nice PhotoShop work.

Lola Cruise Collection

For the Lola Cruise Collection, Kate Upton finds herself in a circus-themed campaign. She goes back to what we are used to… swimwear. Nothing much to say, but to look at the swimsuits Kate is wearing because you won’t find a girl like her at a traveling freak show.

The Deep Blue Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I enjoy these new pictures from the Deep Blue Collection. It encompasses summer with Kate Upton posing in her bikinis on the beach. Some of those beach pics do look fake, but I won’t say they are. I also enjoy the thigh high tube socks. You can’t see it in these pictures, but she’s also wearing Chuck Taylor’s. She’s about that life.

Bronze Collection

Is it me or does Kate look really dark to you. That spray on tan may work for others, but I like my Kate Upton all-natural. I’m also sad that her hair isn’t free flowing. She shouldn’t do the pony tail thing ever again. Everything else is cool though.

Lounge Collection

When you’re on your beach front property, you’re not expected to wear a bikini 24-7. Sometimes you just want to lounge in comfortable clothes. This is where Beach Bunny’s lounge collection comes in to play. Here you can find Kate Upton wearing comfortable cotton shirts, loose pants, and short shorts. It’s the perfect type of clothing for just lazing around.

Bride Collection

One more time for the bride collection. This time Kate takes photos at the beach, kind of most of the previous pictures. Check out the pretty cool hoodie. She’s looks really good in all white, don’t you agree?

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