Charlotte Free Takes Photos with Terry Richardson

Charlotte Free by Terry Richardson

September 15, 2011

Charlotte Free goes into Terry Richardson‘s studio with a 1990s plastic backpack and lots of goodies. She also brings in some vintage Lakers gear in her backpack. I say vintage only because I don’t remember the last time Kobe Bryant was associated with Adidas.

September 24, 2011

I guess Charlotte wears extensions. When it’s done up, her hair is hot pink, but when sh dresses down in more alien wear, she has a light pink glow. I could only imagine the occurrences that taken place in between…

June 18, 2012/ July 3, 2012

How about some photos in black and white. Terry has got you covered. Is it me or does Charlotte’s hair keep changing? These set of pictures also highlight the many rings that she wears.

July 18, 2012

Either Charlotte is either really goofy tonight, or she’s really restless in her Beavis and Butthead pajamas.

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