Back to Cool with Corry Kennedy | Cory Kennedy by Felisha Tolentino for Nasty Gals in the Wild

Here’s something new to the blog. I didn’t know Nasty Gal had these segments on their blog. I have to check out a little more often. In this segment of Nasty Gal in the Wild, the Nasty team meets up with model and Internet celebrity Cory Kennedy. Not only do they have the great photography taken by Felisha Tolentino, but they also conduct an interview with Cory. Most of it deals with Corry’s move from Los Angeles to New York, and her new gig at Nylon. Check out what Cory had to say in here and on the site.

What she does while living in New York

To be honest Iím probably on my couch watching Jon Stewart, West Wing or The Sopranos, or some crazy documentary. Usually, Iím with my cat and a huge bowl of ravioli, where I then pass out, wake up and get antsy and stroll around my neighborhood to meet my friends. Or it could be the oppositeóbeing picked up in a fancy car to attend a movie premiŤre and have that glamour side to my life.

Top 3 Places in LA and NY

In New York: Dashwood Books, The Smile Restaurant, or any public garden in my neighborhood, Alphabet City! In LA: anyoneís bed or couch, Swingers, and M Cafe.

What she’s doing at Nylon

Still writing and conducting Coryís Corner, my column. And Iím interviewing designers for Nylon TV during fashion week.

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