Lindsay Lohan Pics with Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan Pics with Terry Richardson


In these new black and white photos from Terry Richardson, Lindsay makes her comeback into the studio with an Alexander Wang “Parental Advisory” shirt. Things get a little hood when Lindsay throws on her fur coat and starts to throw up piece signs. She then finishes her photo shoot with the patented Terry thumbs up. All in a days work.


Here are some more Lindsay Lohan pics. Tyler Shields is usually behind the camera, but Terry Richardson gets a chance to snap the starlet. Photography 101 tells us to never take photos at night, but Terry pulls it off by filtering the photos in black and white. Lindsay looks as though she’s in the slums of New York. She’s just a bad chick doing whatever she wants. She’ll even take your bike if you’re not looking. I can dig all of that. The only thing I dislike is the smoking. You can check out all of the Lindsay Lohan pics in the gallery.

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