Since the birth of MTV in 1981 (TIME Magazine), the industry of music as we know it has transformed from that which is stimulating to one which is visually stunning as well. To be sure, the inception of music videos has enriched society’s ability to enjoy music on many levels, tantalizing the ears, eyes, and mind. There are several blogs devoted to the study of great music videos, many of which is found at Best Music Blogs. The best videos are those that do not use a literal interpretation of the music. Rather, they build upon an already complex message. While the list of thought-provoking videos is long and ever-growing, here is a short list to start you along in the journey that is music.

1. “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by Unkle

At first the video can seem a bit repetitive, a seemingly deranged man falls, gets back up, only to get hit by a car and repeat it all over again. Alas, something about the man and the general disregard for his well-being by everyone around him draws you in and thus begins the questions. Who is this man? What is wrong with him? Why isn’t anyone helping him? More importantly, what message is the director trying to send about the people who turn a blind eye. The show doesn’t come until the very end, at which point some but not all the questions are answered. Regardless, it’s a video worth watching and contemplating.

2. “Remind Me” by Ryoksopp

The protagonist in the video is a SIMS-like plain Jane. Nothing about her life is remarkable, and yet, what is interesting is watching the ripple effect of her mundane actions, actions we are all guilty of carrying out. Although the graphics within the video seem rudimentary, the video and its message is intricate, so much so that a single viewing doesn’t do it justice. Watch and re-watch this video and be amazed at the far-reaching effect of a “simple” life. Not to mention, laugh at what Smashing Magazine calls the video’s subtle joke, a jab at cubicle life.

3. “We Used To Wait” by Arcade Fire

Featuring Google Maps and HTML5, Arcade Fire helps viewers reconnect with their past by showing personalized streets from their very own childhood block. Consequently, viewers are engaged at a uniquely personal level while simultaneously providing commentary on the growing presence of technology in modern society. Without a doubt, the level of technology is amazing. However, even more captivating are its implications. The video reminds us of the Internet’s role as a big brother, monitoring our lives. What’s more, it forces us to ask, are we too connected?

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