Selena Gomez Pictures from Spring Breakers

These Selena Gomez pictures come from another set of promo pics she took for Spring Breakers. Selena has some pictures without her fellow cast members, so I thought it only right to just give her own post. She looks so innocent, yet mature at the same time. She’s come a long way from Disney. I’m not sure she even showed her stomach. Now she can look cute in her bright blue bikini and her Nike SBs. Hopefully Vanessa Hudgens gets her own set of pics, so I can make one for her too. Check out all of the Selena Gomez pictures in the gallery.

Selena_Gomez_Bikini_Spring_Breakers001 Selena_Gomez_Bikini_Spring_Breakers002 Selena_Gomez_Bikini_Spring_Breakers003 Selena_Gomez_Bikini_Spring_Breakers004