Kith White Label 2.0 Summer 2013 Lookbook by 13th Witness

I’m loving every bit of this new new White Label 2.0 collection that Kith debut back in spring. Here’s the new lookbook that showcases the new collection with 13th Witness behind the camera. I think I want a pair of those leather sweat pants. I honestly could go with every thing in the lookbook. If I did have a choice, I’d go with the all black look. I just hope these styles aren’t that expensive. just looking at the Kith site, it almost kind of looks that way. I guess you have to spend some to… yeah it doesn’t work that way. The White Label collection tomorrow at 11am EST at the Until then check out all the cool photos shot by 13th Witness.

kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-15 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-1 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-2 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-3 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-4 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-5 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-6 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-7 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-8 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-9 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-10 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-11 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-12 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-13 kith-white-label-2-0-2013-summer-lookbook-by-13thwitness-14