EOM feat. Asher Roth &┬áCamila Recchio – Taking My Time

It’s glad to see Asher Roth back to rapping, especially with the Celtics out of the playoffs. If you got the Kelly Olynyk reference then kuddos to you. Here’s a new song from EOM which actually features Asher and Camila Recchio. This track can be found off EOM’s new album, Sunrain.

Taking My Time Lyrics

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
I used to want to be a wide receiver
But my legs ain’t grow and my arms ain’t either
So when I got older I thought I’d be a lawyer
But not no more, that shit would be annoying
Plus I can’t afford it
But more importantly I think I’d rather spend my time
Doing something meaningful instead of waiting til I die
I won’t lie, I kind of want to go and give it all a try
Plus the right direction in life, it can be hard to find
So many options, I can be an anthropologist
Play poker online full time and make a lot of chips
Or I could dip, take a trip to Indonesia for a bit
Work with herbal medicine and off the land I learn to live
But on the other hand, I kind of wish I had a kid
How profound it is to be a dad, I can’t imagine it
Fascinating ain’t it when you seeing all the magic in it everyday
Anyway, I’m heading that way because I’m

[Hook: Camila Recchio]
Taking my time (Taking my time)
Taking my time (Taking my time)
Take a moment to decide how you wanna live your life
But baby, take your time yeah
And I’ll take mine

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
Don’t rush me or judge me
If I fall off my path, just nudge me
Remind me that you love me
Cause growing up is rough, feeling like you’re not enough
Peer pressure you with drugs and all that other funky stuff
TV and magazines telling me who I should be
Feeding insecurities, feeling like I can’t breathe
Don’t compare me to the others like father or older brother
I might get into trouble but always remaining humble
Cause this life is such a beautiful gift
And it’s up to you with what you do with this shit
It took me a minute, what was I interested in?
I always felt that rhythm when I kicked it with friends
And it’s been different then ever since, when that moment gets tense
Take a second, clear my head, grab a beat so I can vent
But really all I need, integrity and a dream
I ambition to be free, all I really wanna be so I’m

[Hook x2]