Towkio feat. Joey Purp – Playin’ Fair (prod. by Smoko Ono & Garren)

First Chance the Rapper dropped, then Joey Purp dropped, and then Vic Mensa gave us a dope EP. Is Towkio next in line to give us a follow up from his dope mixtape of last year? I don’t know about all of that. I just know this track with Joey is pretty dope. You should take a listen.

Playin’ Fair Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Towkio]
I said (Oooh!)
I swear we taking it over
And I stepped in this b!tch and I feel fresh out a coma
I swear these b!tches be choosin
But I know I’m the chosen
I mean this flow is so static
Get shocked if you get any closer
I dropped the lean in (?)
I put my weed in diplomas
Then my body got marts, I’m art
I swear this the moment
I get as soft the sofa
And flip it hard as a rock
No Smith, I need me a Jada
I might just kick you a Jaden
I see the future like That’s So Raven
And I know what I know
I don’t know ’bout know Oreos, but I know bout them O’s
And I know ’bout (?) in the (?)
Dressed up with hoodies and straps
They come kick down your door and won’t need no warrant for that
And I’m a brother of father, then my nephew we growing
My mama, she always working and finally got a promotion
And every day yeah she text me
She call me, tell me she love me
I told her (Mama don’t worry, I’m trying to get to this money)
And I ain’t got no homies
Man I only got family
Talking Vic there and Chano, Joey, Chukwu, and (?)
We used to whip in the (?) until that b!tch got a (?)
Now we get high in Cali
We taking flights over mountains
And my bros, I got ’em
Yeah I swear I got ’em
From the city of Gotham
Who knew this garden would blossom
I remember concrete court
Ball like Vince Carter
Them shots on me to the head
You can talk to the (?)

[Hook/Chorus (X4)]
We ain’t playin fair, no
We ain’t playin fair, no
We ain’t playin fair, no
We ain’t playin fair, no

[Verse 2 – Joey Purp]
I got a cup with a cup in it
And some sprite with some stuff in it
And a pocket with pills in it
And a mind full of dreams in it
And a bed with my b!tch it
And the world at my finger tips
Now we came along way from that cup with some lean in it
And I only got homies
No I only got family
Scratch that, I only got Hennessy
Get you killed for a Camry
Try’na go from (?) to a Grammy
Trying to go from pack into passion
Trying to get a brick from Rick Ruben
Shangri La like a bando
Yeah my new sh!t, my true sh!t be sore off the handle