Start Link Building Right Now with These 2 Simple Tips

For the longest time, link building was just a way to get Google to rank your website, but it’s much more than just that. Link building is a perfect way to have advocacy in the form of traffic coming from other sites, which means more customers and thus more revenue. If you aren’t using these practices to build links to your site, it’s time to start.

Influencer Program

Every company should have an influencer program. Not only is it a way to spread awareness about your product, service, or brand from people who have loyal following, it’s also a way to generate relevant traffic to your site. When it comes to starting an influencer program make sure you’ve already identified your audience. You then want to seek out relevant influencers that share the same audience. The most important part of an influencer program is the outreach and the relationship that you forge with the influencer, so make sure whoever is making these agreements has top-notch people skills. Also remember the new FTC guidelines for disclosure.

With everything you do, make sure you have a goal in place for your influencer and the ability to track metrics from social shares, posts, and links. All goals should be specific and measurable. If you don’t know how to start tracking goals, start with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Time-bound).

Public Relations

Most companies don’t see public relations as an SEO tactic, but it actually is. This aspect of marketing becomes relevant when review sites are used. When it comes to fashion, you might want to look at big fashion blogs like HypeBeast and Fashion Gone Rogue to post editorials and have those editorials link back to your site. Make a list of your favorite sites ¬†and figure out the proper protocol when dealing with each. Once you do get those reviews, don’t be afraid to share them on your social media platforms as soon as they become available.


No one wants to read a super long blog with 50 ways to do anything because they probably won’t do any of it. Working with influencers and getting your PR department involved are two simple ways to increase external links and increase referral traffic to your website. Now that you only have two things to do this week, go out and do it!