Use These SEO Tips to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

If you’re in the fashion industry, and you’re not using Pinterest, it is probably time you start. Pinterest prides itself on being a discovery social platform with an engaging base of 150 million monthly users. This allows for a big opportunity when it comes Pinterest’s search engine and SEO. If you still don’t think so, also know that 250 million of the monthly searches on Pinterest are visual searches and 97 percent of searches last year were non-branded.

Even though Pinterest is a social media platform, some of the fundamentals can be applied to Google and Bing. While relevance is a ranking factor traditional search engines, Pinterests tends to rank on engagement and social shares. So basically, just like traditional SEO, you only rank if you have great content. Let’s get started.

First Things First

The first thing you must do is make sure your profile in order from the beginning. That means creating an SEO friendly name for your account. Do this because your profile name is also your URL. Also make sure you complete the “about you” section and upload a logo so that people know who you are when they are saving your pins.

Tagging Up Your Site

Your Pinterest setup doesn’t stop at your profile. Pinterest offers many ways to engage with Pinterest from your very own website. This also means the potential to remarket to users as they visit your site.

The Pinterest PixelIf you don’t have any code on your site in terms of Pinterest, make sure you at least have your site pixeled. This small piece of JavaScript will allow you to remarket, set up conversion tracking, segment your audience, and get related insights to the type of person looking at your profile.

The Save Button: If your website is rich with images, it’s a possibility that you’re going to want to have people pin those images to Pinterest. Even if you don’t, I’m pretty sure there are fans that would want to pin your images if they have option. Give the option by adding the save button.

Site Verification: The last thing to do is to verify your website with Pinterest. This will allow you add your profile picture to all of your pins.

Good ‘Ol Keyword Research

Pinterest Search for Sun Dresses

When doing keyword research, we are not necessarily seeing what words you should use in your titles, but knowing what types of content people like and what is effective on Pinterest. The visual social media platform makes it easy with their guided search. If you put in a generic query, Pinterest gives you suggestions that match up semantically with the query. This gives you an idea of what topics are popular.

Time to Optimize Your Boards

The next thing to do  is to put your ideal customer and your keyword research and create some boards for your profile. Imagine that every board is an individual page. Just like with traditional SEO, each page should have an essential theme, and the content should match that theme. Same thing goes for your boards. Make sure the photos you decide to upload to your board doesn’t deviate from its essential theme.

Create the Perfect Pin

You can just post any photo on Pinterest, or be very strategic about what you do. For instance, it’s actually better to post portrait images than landscape. If you use Pinterest extensively, you probably already know this. The optimal aspect ratio is 2:3, or 600 px by 900 px. You also want to use photos that has a lot of color. Images with multiple colors gets pinned 3.25 times more than black and white photos.

Descriptive Descriptions

If you’re in SEO, this concept should not seem foreign to you. You have at least 500 characters to tell them what the photo is about. If the photo is a product shot, tell your customer about the product and how it will benefit him/her. Be descriptive as you can because it not only helps Pinterest in determining where your pin ranks, but it will also help your customer.

Engagement is Key

I remember telling you something about Pinterest ranking on engagement, right? It’s true. Engagement is the name of the game just like many other social platforms. If you want some love, you’re going to have to generate it. One way to create engagement is to let fans of your other social profiles know that you have a Pinterest account. You can also increase engagement by letting Pinterest influencers collaborate on certain boards, or even have a board takeover. Speaking of takeover, being engaged yourself is also important. That means posting often, but not enough where people start to get sick of your spam.

Remember Your Goal

In conclusion, none of this means anything if you don’t have a goal. You can aim for user engagement, but Pinterest is also advanced enough to use as means to generate sales. If you are going to get started with Pinterest, it is important to know what this platform means for your business. Being able to measure that goal is also important. Pinterest offers its own analytics platform where you can take a look at metrics such as traffic and re-pins, along with conversions.