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Ontario, California 91761
United States
Telephone: +1-909-278-8670

Music Submissions

If you’d like to send music to this website, please follow these instructions. First and foremost, I only take submissions from my email, so please don’t tweet me your new music video. If you’d like to send a single have your artwork larger than 600×600, a bio about yourself and the song, and the mp3 attached to the email. If you want a mixtape on the site, give me the same, but also give me a place to stream the mixtape so that I can listen before it’s potentially posted. Please know that every submission won’t be posted.

Photography & Art Submissions

Are you a whiz with a camera? Send me your photos and I will post them if they are unique and in high-resolution. You can take pictures of ants for all I care, just as long as it speaks to the viewer. This also goes for those who are in fashion and want to send a campaign or lookbook. I’m always down to look at new pictures. Art is taken in the same vain. If you are an illustrator, sculptor , or simply like to finger paint, send it in!

Services I Provide

If you are looking for me to help you and your business, I offer the following services. Email me for prices and scheduling.

– Photography
– Modeling
– Song writing
– Producing
– Social Media Management
– Music, Fashion, and current events journalism
– Event coverage