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Content Creation

Have a topic you want to talk about and want to reach out to me to help you write? I can do that for you. I deal with most areas in the realm of arts, entertainment, sports, and technology. I’d love to give my opinion about a topic, or even right my own editorial on your blog. I can definitely help with content creation.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t tell you that writing was a passion of mine, but now it has. I’d like to grow my writing skills by helping your company with any content creation, blog writing, marketing copywriting (I’d like to say I’m the male version of Peggy Olsen when it comes to these things), pretty much anything that involves me typing 72 words per minute, I can do it. I actually just through that in to astonish you. It’s true.

If you’d like me to also blog about your work on my blog, I’m always down to do a sponsored post!

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