Fashion Photography and Modeling

Fashion Photography & Modeling

When it comes to photography, I’d like to say I’m not there as an official photographer yet. I’m more like a dude with a camera, but I love taking photographs and then getting a chance to edit them in Photoshop. Fashion photography is my specialty. As of now, I do DIY photography and take photos of myself wearing what I like in fashion, but I would also like to photograph models in the same light. If you are working on a campaign, or a lookbook and need a photo man with an expensive camera, I’d be your guy. I can also do other photo taking like portraits for modeling portfolios.

As previously noted, I do DIY photography and take photos of myself for fashion. One of my dreams is being featured in some street wear company’s lookbook, fashion catalog, or in a magazine editorial. I’d even be one of those guys who takes pictures for a clothing store. You know those guys that model the shirt, but you can’t see their face? Yeah, that guy. I’m no 6′ 1″ supermodel with an awesome build, but I’m not all that bad looking either. If it’s clothes you want to market, I’d be a nice prototype for the average male.

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