It’s Important Now Than Ever to Create Engaging Content

Content is and will always be king. Especially when Google is trying to detour websites from creating quick content and buildig links to article directories. The reason why I say link earning instead of link building because you truly have to create content that people will love in order for it to be shared. If you are running out of ideas here are 10 ways to create engaging content.

1. Image Galleries

Ever since Google changed their image search, people are saying that the age of image search engine optimization is over. The only problem is that photos shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your post. They should have some commentary to go with them. That commentary will help that particular post to be ranked, but the images will keep them on the page. I’m not saying to take any type of photos and post them. Take personal events that no one else can duplicate. If you are covering an event, don’t forget to bring that DSLR.

2. Recommendations

Recommendation posts are definitely something I see int he fashion industry. That doesn’t mean that it can only be done in one industry. If you have a service or good that you enjoy, why not create a post about it? Not only are you helping yourself, but you are helping your readers with something they may need, and you are helping the provider of this service.

3. Reviews

Reviews can be put in the same place as recommendations. The difference between the two is the fact that their are also negative reviews. Reviews also give users the ability to chime in with their own review. So not only do you have your own opinion, but you get some interaction with those who have an opinion of their own.

4. Tips

Would you call it ironic that I’m making a tips post giving you tips about creating engaging content when one of tips is making tip posts? Did that even make any since? People need help, so a great way of giving them help is creating these type of posts that answer a question that a visitor may have.  The visitors who’ve found the light can then send the tips to others.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

This is a bit different than tips in the sense that we are answering questions that customers and visitors may have about your own product or services. If you are running a business a FAQs page should be mandatory.

6. Interviews

If you can get an influencer to answer those questions, you may have a hit. There’s nothing like a respected person in the industry telling their stories and experiences while answering some of the questions you and others may have. it also grows your network. You get to know the influencer and the influencer gets to know a little about you through the conversation.

7. Blogroll & Link Lists

You don’t want to be a link farm, but it is a good idea to create a list of links that could be useful to your readers. I have an extensive database that links to almost everything that gets posted on the site. I’m sure that the readers appreciate a central place where they can find links on a particular subject all in one place. Maybe people take note of those links and add you to their link list.

8. Personal Stories

This one will only work if you are an interesting person. People like engaging with other people’s lives. This is why reality television is so popular. The great thing about personal stories is that they are unique to you. No one can duplicate a story that you lived. Write something that makes people feel a certain emotion. You don’t want to write a story for the sake of writing a story. You also want to make sure that those stories are truthful. You will probably get asked some questions.

9. Contests

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’re going to get a lot of traffic only because you are giving something away, but who says that is a bad thing? With giveaways, you must always give yourself a benefit by telling users to subscribe to a newsletter, follow on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook in order to win. The new reader may then actually like the articles that you write and follow you because of the great content, not just because they didn’t win that gift card you were giving out.

10.  Numbered Lists

Of course we are going to end with the type of post I did. If you made it this far, you already know how effective these are. They don’t have to be 10, they can be the top 50 songs of last year. If it’s a list of things people enjoy, they will read it.


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