If You’re Selling, Make Sure Your Site is E-Commerce Ready

There are many places where you can sell product, whether it be music, merchandise, or any type of clothing. Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy make perfect places to sell clothes. Owner of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, started selling on eBay, but it didn’t become of business until she created her own site for Nasty Gal. You can do the same, even if it’s not to that magnitude. No matter how big you want your site to beome, don’t forget these basic aspects every e-commerce site needs.

Accessibility & Organization

Future customers will want to go navigate through your website without being confused. Make sure your navigation is well laid out before you even start putting up product. Typically, your navigation will be the categories of product you will be selling. Each click of the mouse should refine that category until the user gets to his/her destination. Make sure the organization of the site is clear before you get fancy.

Add Photos & Description to Each Product Page

I want to say that adding a photo of the product is a given, but there are so many times when I would go to an online store and find that the product has no description. I generally skip over the site because I don’t know if I will like the product when it’s shipped. Clothing should always hold a description, even if it’s just size and material. There’s no way I can tell how a certain article of clothing will fit, or feel just by looking at a picture. It does help if the measurements are listed though.

Engage with Customers

Hopefully, you have a CRM system in place, and if not, all hope is not lost. The main goal here is know what your customers want from your store. Once you have them, generate new customers, but make sure the old customers repeatedly give you money for your services. This can be done by emailing a newsletter every week, participating in social media, or even giving customers the chance to comment on product pages. Rarely do I see a comment section in e-commerce sites. Start the revolution!

Always Have Clear Contact Information

If you can, place your contact information at the bottom of each page, so that a customer does not have to click a link to get information on how to contact you. For a contact us page, direct the customer to use a contact box rather than sending an email. It’s much easier for them to fill out the information needed than to copy and paste an email to an account they’ve yet to log into.

Don’t Get Stale

The reason why people come back to online stores is to check if something is new. These type of sites change all the time. Even if the banner stays the same, customers will think that you don’t update inventory. Put all of your new and best selling products up front and once it is available don’t be afraid to spam it on a Facebook post so that the customers you stay in touch with know that you having something new going on.


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