Techniques for Backlinks for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Some people believe that just as long as they are bound to get some linksĀ just as long as they keep pounding out content. That strategy is sound only if you enjoy throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping that something sticks. Others believe that sharing on social media, or even paying for their posts to be blasted on social media will get some links, but according to Moz and Buzzsumo, there is no really correlation between social shares and backlinks. The quality of content is so much more important than the quantity you decide to produce, or the quantity of likes you get on Facebook. With that being said, here’s a few types of content that is guaranteed to get you a link.

Images and Visually Appealing Posts Get Links

People don’t read on the internet. You should definitely know this if you are creating content. Chances are, you’re probably not even reading this sentence, but I’m pretty sure you looked at the image to see what this article was about. Articles with images are more likely to be read (skimmed) than boring articles without a photo. If you need a stock photo, don’t be afraid to spend some money with services like Shutterstock. You can also search Flickr for Creative Commons photos, but know that the quality of the photo will take a hit. You can also take the pic yourself.

Go Long or Go Home

Saying to write long content, is a little hypocritical when you look my entire site. At the same time, I can get away with creating short content because my blog is very much image heavy (see first point). If you are going to write, you should at least put 300 words into your post. There’s a pretty high correlation between post length and links. It shows that you actually know your stuff and that you can go in-depth with a certain subject.

Be the Leader in Your Industry

I tend to direct these digital marketing posts to fashion because that’s the industry I am in, but this piece advice goes for just about every industry. The question here is, how do you become the leader in your industry? It’s all about building your thought leadership. The way you would do that is answering common questions that come up in your industry. I’m sure you have a customer service department, and if you don’t I’m sure that you have some kind way that people can ask you questions. Why don’t you make these questions into blog posts? More than one person is going to be asking the same question, and it would be great if they can easily search for the answer. That is where you come in.


When it comes to content, quality trumps quantity every single time. When it comes to your content, make sure you put some time in your articles and not rely on post boosts to get viewership. Chances are you’ll be losing out on the actual potential of your content if you keep cranking out irrelevant posts.