If you’re not familiar with Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), they are automated ads that allow users to find what they are searching for without the advertiser having to actively create and manage the ad and keywords that may be associated with the ad. Now, Google has announced enhancements to DSAs in the form of page feeds, expanded ads, and quality enhancements.

Page Feeds Will Help Control the Products You Advertise

The usage of page feeds will give advertisers the assurance that only relevant ads are being shown to potential customers. It’s as simple as inputting the feed and inserting the necessary landing pages to include in your auto targets.

The page feeds also comes with some customizations such as the ability to use labels to keep each ad organized. The example used is a holiday promotion that can be filtered to do bulk actions such as activating and pausing all holiday promotion ads at the same time.

DSAs and Expanded Text Ads

As you may know, because you’re feverishly trying to replace you ads, Google has gone all in on expanded text ads. The same is going to be said for DSAs as Google has been rolling out support for dynamic search ads to also have longer headlines and descriptions. It would be well advised to use them. Yep, that’s all I got here…

Ad Quality Enhancements

With the new enhancements, Google has seen increased numbers in conversion rates and decreased cost per acquisition. This is all made possible by the efforts to show the most relevant ads to a search query. If you are using DSAs, it’s probably best to use page feeds and expanded texts ads to enjoy the improvements and the results that come with it.

For more information, check out Google’s Adwords Blog.