If it hasn’t already happened, the goals of the webmaster and the digital marketer need to align. The digital marketer can spend all his/her time finding the best keywords to drive people to a website, but it means nothing if the website doesn’t turn that traffic into customers. According to Google, 1/3 of mobile users immediately switch when the website doesn’t meet their needs and 64% switch when there are too many steps. I was just at a Google Shopping event and they reported that most e-commerce sites take 120 steps to make a buy! If your landing pages aren’t optimized, you’re losing customers. Google is trying to help with this by introducing the “Landing Page” panel in Google Adwords.

What is Landing Pages?

“Landing pages” is a panel within Google Adwords that measures landing page performance. Earlier at the Google Marketing Next summit, it was announced and will be rolling out in the new Adwords experience. Amongst the stats, you will be able to see which URLs are mobile friendly, which pages drive the most sales, and which ones need help. It’s perfect for knowing if a page is getting a lot of clicks, but ┬áisn’t mobile friendly. It’s then the task of the webmaster to make it happen.

Mobile Friendly-Click Rate?

One cool metric with “Landing pages” is the mobile-friendly click rate. This stat is the percentage of mobile clicks that go to a mobile-friendly page. The rate of clicks is so much better than the number because it gives you a sense of what pages are giving users good and bad experiences.

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