I won’t go into how popular Facebook is. If you didn’t think Facebook was important, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Before we get into how to gain more Facebook fans let us emphasize that the number of Facebook fans should not be the goal of any brand. It is merely a vanity stat to show off to your CEO. As marketers, we should be more concerned about creating an audience that we can the market our products and/or services.

With that being said, here are a few ways to grow your audience on Facebook:

Create Engaging Content

If you read one of these blogs and content is not the number one way to gain fans, you should probably stop reading it. The old adage that content is king is still relevant today. Not only do you want your content to be engaging, it should also be relevant to your audience. It should provide value to whoever the post reaches, whether it be informational, or merely entertainment. Not only should your text be engaging, but the photo itself should also match the same sentiment. Posts with a photo experience 2.3x engagement according the BuzzSumo.

Engage with Your Posts

It’s not enough to write engaging posts, you must also engage with the people engaging with your posts. See what I did there? If someone comments on one of your posts, make sure you respond. How bad would it look if someone had a question and no one answered?

I don’t think I need to write an entire paragraph on this. It’s quite simple. Give your fans something to expect when they log onto Facebook. This is easy if you are a retailer, or brand with multiple products. Maybe anything related to women’s dresses can be posted at 3pm, while people interested in men’s tennis shoes can expect something at 6pm. Pick the most optimal time to post your engaging content and do it with consistency.

Remarketing with Like Ads

If someone has visited your website, or more importantly purchased from your website, they can likely be in the loyalty stage of their customer funnel. It might be time to hit with them with ad to ask them to like your Facebook page. The investment in these ads are minimal because you are only targeting people who are already aware of your brand because they’ve already visited your site. They are already on Facebook, might as well be a fan.

Facebook Live

If you didn’t already know, live video is the future bro. If you don’t already have a plan for it, it might be time. Facebook Live is probably the most annoying feature of Facebook because everyone is alerted when someone goes live. You know what I mean. Also, when someone is watches, or engages with live video, their friends and family see it in their timeline. That means there are a lot impressions potentially going to the live video. That can result into more fans. Everything we talked about prior goes for live video. Just don’t turn your iPhone on at your desk so people can see how you work. People want some type of a value. Maybe an ask me anything, or a live event can suffice.

Promote Your Page on Everything

If you want to have fans, people need to be aware that your Facebook page (and other social properties) exist. Standard practice is to promote your page on your website, blog, business card, just about any place customers will see your brand.


There are loads of other ways to get fans, but if you just want the thousands of fans with no substance, I’m not that kind of digital marketer. It’s way more important to find an engaging audience that cares about your brand, so that you care about them. Once you find that audience, you’ll be able to grow, by just doing these simple things.