It’s Time to Implement a Marketing Campaign that Can Help You Become a Star

In the Myspace era, everyone wanted to be some kind of musician (including myself). We spent so much time getting Myspace song listens that nothing else really mattered. Now that Myspace is gone, it seems like those musicians are on to other things. For those who are still trying to make it as the next big star, there are some rules you must learn before you can become the next big star. This is how you can market yourself as a new artist.

Awareness vs. Sales

It’s better for fans to be aware of who you are before you start selling anything. One big reason is if no one knows you, then no one will buy anything. You must make sure people know who you are before you can make a connection with them With that connection, you can then persuade them to make a purchase. There are plenty ways to gain awareness:

  • Release music for free
  • Take the free music on the road and play a gig
  • Engage with fans and give them a chance to show how much they love your music.

Small Projects Every Week

Being a superstar doesn’t happen over night, and establishing huge goals will burn you out before you even start. That’s why it is best to have small projects at your disposal that you are capable of doing each week. Some of your small projects can include:

  • Writing a blog post
  • Creating a behind the scenes video
  • Uploading a video to Youtube

Big Projects Every Month

While you’re working on the small projects, theey can easily lead up to a big project you can pull off every month. These projects can include:

  • Releasing an album or EP
  • Playing a show
  • Releasing a music video

The whole point of doing this is to grow a fan base. Now that you’ve grown the awareness of your music, it’s time toa act upon it.

It’s Time to Gather Your Fans Information

It’s time to collect the information you need to keep in constant contact with your fan base. This means any email, Twitter name, and Facebook profile you possibly can cease so that you can communicate with your fans, and more importantly, your fans can talk to you. Even though email is not as glamorous as a social network, people still use them. Some may tell you that e-mail is still the most popular channel of communication online.

If you’re an artist that is just starting out, make sure that you have a mailing list that is growing. Even before you sell a single song, you are going to want to make sure that you have a couple thousand people who are genuinely in love with your art. One way of gathering this type of information is  giving your fan an incentive, such as a free song.

Converse with Your Community

Communication is a two-way street. You can’t and won’t get anywhere you market your work to your fans, but don’t allow your fans to give you a sentence to ponder upon. Again, you don’t have the star power to be selling anything right now. Don’t sale, but share with your fans in this introductory process. I know you’re one person, or a band with other responsibilities, but if you sign up for Facebook, Twitter, and any other means of social media, you’ll be expected to maintain all of them. Neglect no one in this process of conversation.

Give Fans a Reason to Buy Your Merch

Okay, so you gained some awareness and you communicate regularly with about 2,000 fans. Now it’s time to put your sales hat on, but don’t be too hasty. You have to give your fans a reason why they should buy your items. Give your fans something of value. It may not always be the new album you have planning. It may be just a t-shirt, or a local show. If you don’t know what your fans want by conversing with them, you should probably go back to that last stage and ask them. Also realize that fans come with a different tax bracket. You’re not going to get away with selling a $50 box-set. Make sure you have something available for the super fan, as well as something free for those still just getting to know you.

Releasing an Album

When you release an album, you will want to cater to your fans first because they are the ones who got you to this point.  Before you release your album, give fans the option to buy the album from you before you distribute it to the major online retailers like iTunes. Also, give out something for free, or at least have a fan appreciation project a couple months before the release so that fans can chew on the appetizer before they salivate over the meal. Rappers are notorious for doing this by releasing a free album, or mixtape before the debut album is present.

The Follow Up

Along with selling your own products, you’re going to have to deal with your own customer service. Once your fans become customers, you’re going to have to make them happy with their purchase. No one likes buyers’ remorse. Great customer service can be as simple as shipping product quickly and on time, resolving issues with irrate customers as soon as possible, and giving out more free stuff like a sticker. Everyone likes free stuff.

Once you put all these steps together, you have a better chance of being successful in your music efforts. Are there any tips that you would like to share?