Pay Per Click Management & Optimizing Your ROI

Pay Per Click Management

An optimized site is no good if no one knows about it other than search engines. It’s now time to market the website. The best way to do this is with pay per click advertising with search engines.

The activity of pay per click advertising is always changing, much like the stock market. One keyword can cost a price one day, and something else the next. This why short-term goals for optimization in PPC can give great long-term effects. Within the budget of the company, MDMG will help the online business find a unique way to create the best advertisements for the company and all of the special events in which the company would like to promote.

One brilliant way of using PPC to your advantage is through re-targeting. Re-targeting works when a customer visits your website through an ad clicked on a search engine. Once the link is clicked, a cookie is placed in their browser, which signifies that he/she has visited your website. There’s a good chance that the patron will not be a customer on the first visit and exit the page. Even though they are not on their page, keywords and display ads will help to drive the patron back to the page and make a purchase.

Speaking of display ads, they actually have a better chance of being clicked than ads found in search engines. Others feel as though display ads is just an extra feature, but tests show that display ads can be just as vital. Our approach with display ads are the same as PPC in the sense that we optimize based on budget and keywords needed to have a marketing impact.