Social Media Marketing is Worth the Engagement

Social Media Marketing

Some companies feel as though creating a Facebook page will have them set for social marketing. Social media accounts should be an extension of the site itself. MDMG makes it possible that each site fits the branding of the company, but is unique enough that it doesn’t serve the purposes of social media outlets that have already been created.

The biggest part of social media is engaging with others on the individual network. We will create content that will be easily liked, re-tweeted, and shared across all platforms. These posts should highlight the special promotions that occur within the business such as introductions to new products, and/or services, sales, and specials. Platforms such as Pinterest also makes it easy for e-commerce to sell from other places other than the website.

One way of optimizing social media presence is optimizing the voice the company wants to portray. A company should also have each post that either promotes the company, involves their audience, or promotes community. Depending on the company’s goals, we create a variety of posts that deal with these three subjects that include:

  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Exclusive Deals for Certain Social Media Platforms
  • Printable Coupons

  • Photo or Video Posts
  • Initiatives for Sharing
  • Deals for Visiting Site

One new thing that SEO has implemented is the fact that Facebook Likes and Google +1s actually impact search engine rankings. This then becomes the social recommendations found in both Google and (more seen in) Bing. These social recommendations means a higher click through rate, which then means higher conversion rates when an ad is found based on how well it does on Facebook and Google+.

Social media is a great way to get feedback that you wouldnt receive otherwise without a focus group, or a survey. Listening to comments and the people that follow the company can give insight on what to share with their target audience. Social media is a two way communication device, and we help to listen to customers, while also analyzing the trends that come with engaging.

Social media also comes with analytic data. This helps us figure out how we are doing in a company’s social media initiatives, while also building towards the future of creating communities.

Facebook Advertising

Why should you pay for advertising on Facebook? If Facebook doesn’t get as much traffic as Google, it will soon. Facebook has evolved from just a social network to hub for music, video, shopping, gaming, and a plethora of other services. Facebook allows you to target customers by different demographics such as age, gender, relationship status, and many others.

Facebook ads uses PPC, so the idea is the same for most of online marketing. The best part of it is being able to engage while advertising. On a Facebook page, a business can boost their post in the same way they sell advertising. This gives them the chance to gain likes and comment along with other users. It’s the best of both worlds when talking about PPC and social media.