The Rites of Passage by Myjestik

The Rites of Passage

hitsdd_photo_gal__photo_1464060291spotify-16a0120a5580826970c01b7c79eb86f970b-600wigoogleplaymusicEveryone goes through their own rites of passage. Before I even talk about a rites of passage, you must fully understand what one is. It involves a significant change of status. It is a stage in life that marks a transition from one phase to another. In our society, the biggest rites of passage is when a child becomes a man or woman. Examples of this is a quinceanera or a bat mitzvah. I’ve never had either of these, simply because I’m not Jewish or Mexican. I actually feel like I’ve blossomed into a man pretty late and I wanted to mark my rites of passage the only way I know how… through music.

This is why I decided to release this album on my 27th birthday. I wanted to show the world what I’ve learned as I get into my 30s, whether it be life lessons, or lessonsĀ I learned through my spirituality. I hope you see my progress as I keep wanting to learn and grow because this is what life is all about. It’s a constant learning process. We laugh, we cry, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. That’s what I want you to hear when you listen to The Rites of Passage.
Myjestik - The Rites of Passage

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